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Our multiple manufacturing facilities provide us with the flexibility to select the most appropriate manufacturing strategy for a particular product, We have large number of solutions in single roof i.e., Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Orals, Injectables-Liquid & Dryas well as WHO-certified products.



Acting with honesty and honor without compromising the truth. Holding people accountable to the highest standards of performance. Showing consideration for one another, recognizing each other's differences, needs and expectations



A WHO-GMP & cGLP CERTIFIED PLANT with ISO Certification With Vast Product Range-Oncology, Nephrology, Neuro-Psychiatry, Cardiology & Critical Care in one-roof Globally Accepted & Trusted Name

Who We Are

ENRICO Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare products company. A multi-crore entity, with WHO-cGMP and ISO certified state of- the-art manufacturing facility

ENRICO Pharmaceutical supplies/manufacture for importer/distributors, governments and hospitals with the products they need for their markets. ENRICO Pharmaceuticals focuses on the best value for our customers while upholding the highest quality standards. Enrico also believes in conducting business in a transparent manner as reflected in our relationships with our customers. ENRICO expanded its product range to various other segments like Anti-Cancer (Oncology), Cardiology, Psychotropic, Neuro-Psychiatry, Anti Tuberculosis, Anti Malarial, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Hormonal & Nutritional.


Together, We build solution fo life

Who We Are

ENRICO is a new type of pharmaceutical company, dedicated to building innovative solutions for serious and life-threatening medical conditions. We believe you are the expert on how your medical condition impacts your life and so we bring you into the product development process.

What We Do

In the every therapeutic area, the ENRICO goal is the same: to work together with professionals and other users in order to develop better alternatives to the currently available standard of care. ENRICO management team has deep experience and knowledge of diverse.


Our Mission

To be a centre of excellence in healthcare and wellness sectors providing high quality, safe and effective products to meet customer needs, God willing. To give the highest priority to our customers, colleagues and the environment.To manage growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to excel in domestic and export markets in an efficient and quality conscious manner or become a leading pharmaceutical company in India & to be significant global player. Our Vision is to vital achievement with sustainable competitive pivotal business advantage.

Benefits of Working with Us

We know what modern business needs. It doesn’t matter whether you own a company with turnovers worth a million or a small local business, you can always find what your company needs ENRICO expanded its product range to various other segments like Anti-Cancer (Oncology), Cardiology, Psychotropic, Neuro-Psychiatry, Anti Tuberculosis, Anti Malarial, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Hormonal & Nutritional.Our team is making the needs of individuals as its prime focus. ENRICO has been coming up with solutions for their complications and anticipating their future needs.Pursuing this further, ENRICO has been keeping account of its customer feedbacks and improving itself in terms of swift service and superior products.

Why Choose Us?

Making dramatic discoveries for patients with severe and life-threatening diseases.

Our development pipeline is focused on highly innovative therapies with the potential to transform the lives of patients with devastating diseases who are often overlooked because of the rarity of their disorders.

ENRICO A multi-crore entity, having WHO-cGMP and cGLP with ISO 9001:2008 certified state of- the-art manufacturing facility. Self-sufficiency. Excellence in quality economy. Committed to cater growing health care needs. Innovating for healthier future. These are the core values that Enrico Pharmaceuticals believes in and competes to standout in the pharmaceutical industry.

ENRICO’s domestic oncology division deals with haemato-oncology and solid tumor products. These product portfolios consist of molecules that are of decisive therapeutic importance in cancers of blood, liver, kidney, lung, brain, breast, ovary etc.
Our products and marketing representation in truest sense has strongly linked the pharmaceutical research with the clinicians.

Our specialty medicines meet the highest standards and span a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas. Central nervous system disorders. Oncology. Respiratory. Hormonal imbalance. Women’s health. We have an exciting and innovative portfolio of specialty medicines.

QUALITY FROM START TO FINISH- Quality and safety in ENRICO medicines is paramount at all phases of the product lifecycle. ENRICO has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and uses advanced testing instrumentation, to guarantee the quality of its products. ENRICO additionally supervises suppliers' procedures in order to ensure that quality materials are used in its products.

Our Commitment to Patients and Communities- ENRICO is committed to supporting initiatives that improve the communities where we operate, provide better care for patients, and improve patient health by supporting better products.

We always prefer maximum solutions lesser administration to facilitate the customer needs. So that customer gets maximum results with lesser efforts. We understand the needs of current scenario which require better services on reasonable price in view of this point we develop In-House printing & Packaging unit to cater the needs production & marketing department with their strict control & research.

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