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Manufacturing Facility

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What We Do

Our company is WHO GMP and ISO 9001;2008 certified. We have a highly equipped plant that has an extremely high speed and advanced machinery. All the equipment have the highest capacity that has the ability in meeting the optimum quantity of challenges

The machinery items that we have generally make various ranges of dosage which include capsules, tablets, liquids, liquid injections, dry syrups, dry powder injections, ampoules, lyophilized injections and lots more


  • We develop a wide number of medicines in a single plant and those are:
    1. Capsules (Non-Beta Lactum and Beta -Lactum)
    2. Tablets (Non-Beta Lactum and Beta Lactum)
    3. Certified as well as an acclaimed unit for life care drugs that are sensitive.
    4. Injectable ( Dry and liquid with Non-Betalactum and Beta Lactum)
    5. Products that ranging to a wide number of segments such as Cardiology, Anti-cancer, neuro-psychiatry, antimalarial, tuberculosis, hormonal as well as nutritional,
      gastroenterology and lots more.
  • In-House synthesis & screening.



Pharma Franchise

Being a nationwide active and acknowledged Pharma Franchise Company, we do not take things for granted. It is, in fact, our business etiquettes and entrepreneurial standards that set us apart from other pharma franchise companies providing similar services within the nation.

Our Products Are Manufactured With Extreme Precision & Define the Benchmark of Quality: We are very well understand that being a Pharma Franchise Company requires a lot more than mass production and timely distribution of the medicinal products. Operating a humongous pharma franchise company requires us to follow strict code of conduct when it comes to manufacturing quality medicinal products. As a matter of fact, being one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical establishments in our region our products have been well praised and acknowledged by the acclaimed doctors and medical institutes throughout the nation. Moreover, we are also a prestigious Pharmaceutical Franchise Company with globally approved WHO-cGMP and ISO 9001:2008 certifications. Our pharmaceutical franchise distribution is spread across several medicinal categories such as Anti-Cancer (Oncology), Cardiology, Psychotropic, Neuro-Psychiatry, Anti-Tuberculosis, Anti-Malarial, Gynecology, Gastroenterology and Hormonal & Nutritional medicines.

We Strive To Provide Extended Customer Support Without Any Intervention: We acknowledge the fact that the real growth of a business depends primarily on the kind of professional relationships it develops and retains with it customers as well as partners. Therefore, our franchise partners are approved through extreme transparency on the basis of area as well as districts and free to operate within their allocated localities without no or minimal intervention from the company. However, we appoint extremely professional, experienced and proactive regional managers in order to provide extensive support to all our partners. Our regional managers are strictly instructed not only to demonstrate the up and coming products but also to provide professional assistance to our franchise partners thereby helping them with the overall sales target. In short, it will not be wrong for us to say that the relationships with our franchise partners is both a point of priority as well as pride for us.