Neurological Product Range


Sno.Product NameCompositionItemsPackingimage
1ALOBAZ-150Oxcarbazepine 150 mgTABLET10X10 BLISTER
2ALOBAZ-300Oxcarbazepine 300 mgTABLET10X10 BLISTER
3ALODIUM-XR-500Divalproex Sodium Extended Release 500 mg TABLET10X10 STRIP PACKING
4ALOMINE-100Thiamine Mononitrate 100 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
5ALOPAM-0.25Clonazepam 0.25 mgTABLET4X5X10 BLISTER
6ALOPAM-0.5Clonazepam 0.5 mgTABLET4X5X10 BLISTER
7ALOPAM-1Clonazepam 1 mgTABLET4X5X10 BLISTER
8ALOPAM-2Clonazepam 2 mgTABLET4X5X10 BLISTER
9ALOPINE-2.5Olanzapine 2.5 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
10ALOPINE-5Olanzapine 5 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
11ALOPINE-10Olanzapine 10 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
12ALORID-2Risperidone 2 mgTABLET4X5X10 BLISTER
13ALOTAM-500Levetiracetam 500 mgTABLET10X10 BLISTER
14ALOTOP-25Topriamate 25 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
15ALOTOP-50Topriamate 50 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
16ALOVAL-CR-200Sodium Valporate Controlled Release 200 mgTABLET10X10 STRIP PACKING
17ALOVAL-CR-300Sodium Valporate Controlled Release 300 mgTABLET10X10 STRIP PACKING
18ALOVAL-CR-500Sodium Valporate Controlled Release 500 mgTABLET10X10 STRIP PACKING
19ALOVOXA-50Fluvoxamine Maleate 50 mgTABLET10X10 BLISTER
20ALOVOXA-100Fluvoxamine Maleate 100 mgTABLET10X10 BLISTER
21ALOYCIT -P Citicoline 500 mg + Piracetam 800 mgTABLET3X10 ALU-ALU
24ALOYRIN-CMebeverine HCl 135 mg + Chlordiazepoxide 5 mgTABLET4X5X10 BLISTER
25AMIXIUS-50Amisulpiride 50 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
26AMIXIUS-100Amisulpiride 100 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
27AMIXIUS-200Amisulpiride 200 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
29CLOBIUS-10Clobazam 10 mgTABLET4X5X10 BLISTER
30ENPRAM-5Escitalopram Oxalate 5 mgTABLET4X5X10 BLISTER
31ENPRAM-10Escitalopram Oxalate 10 mgTABLET4X5X10 BLISTER
32ENPRAM-20Escitalopram Oxalate 20 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
33ENPRAM-PLUSClonazepam 0.5 mg + Escitalopram 10 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
34LOYCIUM-333Acamprosate Calcium 333 mgTABLET6X10 BLISTER
35OXETIUS-CR-12.5Paroxetine Controlled Release 12.5 mgTABLET10X10 STRIP PACKING
36OXETIUS-CR-25Paroxetine Controlled Release 25 mgTABLET10X10 STRIP PACKING
37OXETIUS-CR-37.5Paroxetine Controlled Release 37.5 mgTABLET10X10 STRIP PACKING
38POXLOY-10Chlordiazepoxide 10 mgTABLET4X5X10 BLISTER
39POXLOY-25Chlordiazepoxide 25 mgTABLET4X5X10 BLISTER
40QUETAIN-25Quetiapine 25 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
41QUETAIN-50Quetiapine 50 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
42QUETAIN-100Quetiapine 100 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
43QUETAIN-200Quetiapine 200 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
44TAZLOY-15Mirtazapine 15 mgTABLET10X10 BLISTER
45TAZLOY-30Mirtazapine 30 mgTABLET10X10 BLISTER
46TIZOLIUS-0.25Etizolam 0.25 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
47TIZOLIUS-0.5Etizolam 0.50 mgTABLET10X10 ALU-ALU
49ALOYCIT-500Citicoline 500 mgTABLET3X10 ALU-ALU
50ALOGAB-75Pregabaline 75 mg CAPSULE3X10 ALU-ALU
51ALOGAB-M-75Pregabaline 75 mg + Methylcobalamin 750 mcg CAPSULE3X10 ALU-ALU
Sno.Product NameCompositionItemsPackingimage
ALOBAZ-150Oxcarbazepine 150 mgTABLET10X10 BLISTER
Sno.Product NameCompositionItemsPackingimage
ALOBAZ-150Oxcarbazepine 150 mgTABLET10X10 BLISTER

PCD pharma in neuro psychiatric

Recent advancements in the field of neurological sciences has made it almost impossible to distinguish in between neurological and psychiatric disorders. Perhaps, this is one of the major reasons why doctors, and medicinal wellbeing organizations throughout the world are constantly developing an inclination towards neuro psychiatric treatment, making the neuro psychiatric medicinal industry even bigger.

Pertaining to the fact that the number of patients facing psychiatric problems is escalating exponentially every year, serving to the needs of the masses has become even more crucial. However, manufacturing medicinal products related to neurosciences and psychiatry requires utter precision and expertise. So, if you are looking forward to move into a business as a pharmaceutical franchise with a reputed PCD pharma in neuro psychiatric, then you have definitely come to the right place. Enrico Pharmaceuticals, as a reputed pharma franchise distributing company excels in neuro psychiatry. In fact, we have a dedicated neuro psychiatric division that is responsible for manufacturing high quality medicinal products containing the latest and effective molecular compositions that are approved and acclaimed globally by organizations such as WHO and ISO. Furthermore, our company as a PCD pharma in neuro psychiatric medicines manufactures and offers a wide range of products catering to every sector of the nation, thus enabling our partners to swiftly rise and excel in their respective businesses..

In short, by deciding to connect with our franchise model and distributing our products related to neuro psychiatric medicinal remedies, you can be well assured of the quality of medicines you distribute and ensure a drastic hype in your market reputation..